Attention To Detail

When a client chooses FRP Engineering for their high performance or race engine project they can rest assured they are gaining access to the absolute latest in internal combustion engine technology. FRP has access to the very latest and most effective and proven "institutional knowledge" that exists within the racing industry.

FRP utilizes technology you simply will not read about in enthusiast publications, because frankly, it is more in depth and requires more time to understand than most folks have. FRP consults frequently with our component suppliers and, just as importantly, with some of the top minds in NHRA, Sprint Cup and Formula Car road racing.

Any engine shop can go out and purchase expensive components and put them in a clients engine and ring up a big fat invoice. That is not the goal at FRP and our engines will outperform theirs every time. At FRP we provide a "combination" of interrelated and integrated components which compliment and enhance each other in the production of horsepower and torque over the widest possible power band!

For example, all of the following areas of an engine must be co - engineered and properly integrated if maximum performance is to be achieved.

These factors are, but are not limited to:

  • Cylinder head design
  • bore and stroke
  • compression ratio
  • rod ratio and piston speeds
  • valve timing
  • port size and flow characteristics
  • intake manifold volume and design
  • exhaust manifold / system design
  • combustion dynamics and thermo-dynamic efficiency

FRP Engineering produces engines in which these factors are optimized in the way that they interrelate and compliment each other in the production of maximum horsepower and torque.